Using Pinterest To Sell Your Expertise

Using Pinterest To Sell Your Expertise

Businesses are looking to Pinterest to gain more insights into learning what are their customers have to say and improve their offerings. The exponential growth of Pinterest has fueled the conversion of this social media site into a marketing tool. So why is Pinterest good for business? Just think about this, 21 percent of people that saw products on Pinterest ultimately bought it. This means that there is real engagement between businesses and buyers on Pinterest. Also, the pins and repins mean that there is intent from buyers to acquire the products in a later time.
The value of Pinterest as a marketing tool makes it a very viable platform to sell even your expertise. You are leveraging the power of Pinterest that has 20 million users. In October of 2012, Pinterest had an estimated 3 million unique visitors. While there is no established mechanism where the buyers can directly purchase what you are selling; links going to your site will considerably improve the marketing potential.
If you want to sell your expertise on Pinterest you must learn how to attract people to improve your pins and click-throughs and help spread the word about your services. You need to spend a lot of time like just any social network to build your target demographic. For example a person who sells ebooks on quilting can build relationships on pinners that are interested on quilting. The amount of photos featuring quilts made by your readers will give you a stamp of approval that your methods are effective in making quality quilts. Once the people realize that it would be easy to do quilts using your method then more people would likely to read your ebook.
Pinterest made it a point that its site is very easy to use. The photos that you pin on your boards are of the same size. It is best to copy the uncluttered aesthetics of Pinterest to capture the interest of your pinners. The uncluttered boards are generally pleasing and elegant looking. Each pinned image has a link back to your site. You will see how much referral traffic you will get and it can reach as high as 75 percent with Pinterest leading the way.
Pinterest is also an excellent way of doing crowdsourcing. In building your personal brand you need inputs from people. You can also ask your followers to pin pictures of your seminars and services to tell other people to try what your expertise can do for them. It is like a shout-out about your expertise and eventually help build your brand online. The pins of your followers attending your seminars or reading your books are a form of word-of-mouth marketing.
Always to pin other things on your boards so your followers can also see things about you. Give them an insight about the other sides of your humanity. Also, follow other boards that are related to your expertise. For example, if you are a marine biologist you can re pin pictures of whales and dolphins and comment some trivia.
Following the big names in Pinterest is also a good way to create awareness. It worked on Twitter it may work on Pinterest. This has a follow-the-leader syndrome that can generate interest on your brand.
Indeed, Pinterest is a great way to build your brand and sell your expertise. Use it well. Understanding how Pinterest works is a good start in building your presence. Once you establish presence then you can leverage the power of Pinterest for your own benefit.

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