A Suet Way To Attract Birds To Your Yard

A Suet Way To Attract Birds To Your Yard

No, I didn’t misspell the word sweet. Suet is a particular food that birds just can’t resist, to wit, a great way to attract them to your bird house.

A Suet Way To Attract Birds To Your Yard

Make no mistake about it, Suet is some nasty stuff. It is the thick, white fat from a side of beef. It is slick and hardly appetizing food stuff. That is, unless you are a bird. For some unknown reason, Suet is the chocolate of the bird habitat. If you want to attract birds to the bird house you have set up in the backyard, this is the stuff guaranteed to do it.

You can buy Suet at your local grocery store. Many offer it in a combination with bird seeds of a sort, but grocery store bird seed is not the best. All and all, you are probably better off just buying it without the helpful additives.

Once you have the Suet, you need to consider how exactly to use it. There are a couple of problems. First, it is fat. Fat does not do well in the sun, at least not over a few days. It spoils, turning goopy and starts putting off a nasty fragrance. As a result, you should probably stick to small amounts of Suet as bait and some will remove it in the evening. Another option is to actually melt the fat and mix it with whatever else you have been using as bait. Cracked corn, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and milo are a few typical choices.

Anyway you cut it, Suet is some nasty stuff. It is, however, a great way to get the attention of a wide variety of birds in your area.

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